Waste Audit 2023 at Moratuwa Municipal Council area.

Sevanatha Urban Resource Centre has just accomplished a successful Waste Audit with tremendous support from the Moratuwa Municipal Council, Waste Management Authority (WP), the residents, and the business community of Moratuwa.  From 10th July 2023 to 17th July 2023 eight consecutive dates, our dedicated team conducted this sectoral Waste Audit at the Karadiyana Mihisaru Compost Plant Premises.

Throughout the entire audit period, SEVANATHA field facilitators, along with the trained workers, diligently collected daily generated household, commercial, Institutional, and selected industrial waste. The waste was then expertly sorted into two categories: Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable waste. After this careful segregation, different categories of waste items were measured and data were recorded for analysis. The sorted recyclable materials were sent for recycling, and the compostable waste was directed to the compost yard

We believe in taking concrete steps towards a greener future, and this Sectoral Waste Audit is a vital part of our ongoing efforts to achieve zero waste!  The data collected from the counted waste samples will be instrumental in formulating the proposed 3R Action Plan to further progress towards our goal of zero waste. A comprehensive report will be published on this waste audit and be shared with all relevant stakeholders to foster collaboration and shared responsibility.