USAID, CCBO Mission Visit to Moratuwa

Officials. The key members of SEVANATHA including the president of SEVANATHA and the team members of the 3RAPZPW Project too have participated in this event. The foreign delegation have visited the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) too and was impressed by the efficient operation of the facility. The operational process of the MRF was briefed by the Chief Public Health Inspector of the Council. Hon Mayor, the council members, the Municipal Commissioner, and some of the staff also have explained to the delegation how this MRF was started two years ago and the impressive progress that it has achieved by now. The community and the floor level workforce, the waste collection crew, and the supervisors & staff of the Solid Waste Management Unit of the MMC made this a success story.

Subsequently, the delegation had a briefing session chaired by the Hon. Mayor at the meeting chamber of the Council. The Project Manager of the 3RAPZPW project has presented the findings of the baseline survey and made aware of the delegation of the project’s progress.