Update on Community Intervention in Sarnia Estate.

SEVNATHA has conducted weekly inspection visits to the construction site in Mahatenna, Sarnia Estate Badulla, with the most recent visit taking place between 16th and 17th July 2023. The objective of this visit was to assess the physical progress and overall quality of the construction work. We are pleased to report that the quality of work exhibited is of a commendable standard, with the contractor consistently maintaining the prescribed standards and adhering to all given instructions as outlined in the contract document. As of the latest inspection, we are delighted to announce that approximately 75% of the construction work has been successfully completed.

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Major construction works, including the collecting chamber, storage tank, lining works in BPT, and part of the un-coursed rubble packing, have been completed. Fencing around the water source is in progress. A concrete pad for placing the 5,000-liter tank is in place.


After the visit, a community meeting was held at Sarnia Estate with the participation of community representatives from both Ottu Line and ADB Quarters, which was organized by Ms. Darshani, Field Coordinator. The community expressed their satisfaction with the ongoing water supply improvement work, and they further stated that they had not expected this type of big project, even though it had been explained before. Also, they have expressed their willingness to bear the cost of internal pipe network laying as their contribution to the project. It was agreed to implement this as a separate community action with technical support from SEVANATHA URC.

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