Sustainable Strategy for managing Night Soil-Ratnapura Municipal Council…

Ratnapura city is one Municipal area where the Local Government Authority in partnership with the UNESCAP and SEVANATHA URC/ Micro Enrich Compost (Pvt.) Ltd has started an Integrated Resource Recovery Centre (IRRC) project to manage the city’s solid waste problem in a more strategic manner.
In addition to the Solid Waste management, the disposal of night soil also a crucial problem in Ratnapura as there is no proper mechanism. In this context, SEVANATHA/ MEC (Pvt.) Ltd has arranged a three member delegations to visit and study on night soil Management and Bio-fertilizer Plant in Nonthaburi City in Thailand during June 15 to 18, 2015. The team was headed by Mr. K.A.Jayaratne, President of SEVANATHA with other two members, Mr. Ranjith Samarasinghe, Vice President of SEVANATHA, Mr.G.D.S.D.Gunawardhana, Engineer and Board Member of MEC. The main objective of the visit was to get first-hand experience of Night Soil management and making bio fertilizer in small and medium size cities.
The Bio-fertilizer plant processes human waste residues from household septic tanks and produce organic fertilizer. The treatment process adopted in Nonthaburi is based on using a bio-tank for anaerobic digestion of the sewage sludge leaving it for a period of one day. The reactor is then sealed and left for 28 days before the slurry is drained from the reactor to the sand beds. The remaining slurry on the sand beds is left to dry in the sun and is later used as solid fertilizer while the effluent filtered through the sand layer will be used as liquid fertilizer.
With this international exchange visits, SEVANATHA and Micro Enrich Compost (Pvt.) Ltd is looking for providing a better service to Ratnapura to manage its waste in a sustainable manner with further expectation for replicating new technology in to other Urban areas in Sri Lanka.

SEVANATHA Team with Hon.Mayor; Nonthaburi

Explanation about the plant by the Plant Engineer