SEVANATHA’s Commitment for the Year 2017

SEVANATHA started its work of the year 2017 with a charming celebration giving prominence to religious observance followed by enjoying traditional Milk Rice and Sweets. President of SEVANATHA, Mr. K.A. Jayaratne said that SEVANATHA is embracing the year 2017 with a lot of strength and confidence as his team has more young professionals than ever before. He said he is optimistic about handling challenging projects in the New Year. The Executive Director, Mr. H.M.U. Chularathna emphasized on the spirit of Team Work and enhancement of professional qualities and experiences of each individual of SEVANATHA in his/her work in the New Year. SEVANATHA is taking this opportunity to appreciate the contributions of its donors, supporters and partner organizations so far and to pass them all New Year greetings. SEVANATHA’s commitment to help the needy families and communities will remain a top priority on its work in the year 2017 too.

President and the Team of SEVANATHA .