SEVANATHA has successfully Completed Facilitation of DPU’s UDP M.Sc. Students’ Field Practice Program of 2018

As part of the collaborative partnership between SEVANATHA and Bartlett Development Planning Unit of University College, London, SEVANATHA has facilitated the DPU’s Urban Development Planning students’ field Practice Program from 30th April 2018 to 10th May 2018 in Colombo.
The team comprised of 35 students and 04 teaching staff of UDP representing from 23 different countries bringing diverse perspective to the field Practice Program. This program was supported by 12 young graduates (Field Facilitators) who were recruited and trained by SEVANATHA who engaged with the M.Sc. student’s field data collection works and preparation of presentation materials. These field facilitators were chosen from the University of Colombo, University of Moratuwa, Kelaniya University and the National School of Social Development, Sri Lanka.
The theme of the field practice was “Housing Rights and Social Justice in settlement upgrading and relocation process in the City of Colombo”. The students had engaged in their field research work in three selected communities in the City of Colombo ie: Lakmuthu Sevana Resettlement Scheme, Mayura Place, Colombo 06, Muwadora Uyana Resettlement Scheme in Modara, Colombo 14 and Nawagampura upgraded settlement in Grandpas, Colombo 14.
The students also had an opportunity to have a meeting with the Chairman of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) and discussed about the urban regeneration project implemented in the City of Colombo by the UDA.
The program also included a multi-stakeholder workshop and panel discussion held on 04th May 2018 in the Department of Town and Country Planning, University of Moratuwa. Some of the well-known Sri Lankan experts in the housing sector had participated at this stakeholder meeting.
At the end of the field program the three groups of students made their final presentation to a panel of housing and urban development experts invited for the above purpose on 10th May 2018 at Hotel Renuka, Colombo 03. This presentation was organized as a full day event.

Group photograph at Hotel Renuka, on 10th May 2018

Figure 1: 30th April 2018, Planning and Orientation of the Field Practice Program

Figure 2: Meeting with the Chairman, UDA on 02nd May 2018

Figure 3: Stakeholder Meeting and panel discussion at the Department of Town & Country Planning, University of Moratuwa_04nd May 2018

Figure 4: Final day presentation and panel discussion at Hotel Renuka on 10th May 2018

Figure 5: Field works in selected settlements in Colombo