Non-Revenue Water Reduction and Community Participation in Colombo

SEVANATHA is currently engaged in an Assignment on “Community Mobilization, Awareness & Behavior Change” under the Greater Colombo Water and Waste Water Management Improvement Investment Program (GCWWMIIP) in the City of Colombo - Sri Lanka, 2016-2020

About the Project:
The GCWWMIIP is a program assisted by the Asian Development Bank and is implemented by National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) under the Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply in Sri Lanka. SEVANATHA was selected for the above assignment as National NGO Consultant through a competitive bidding process by the Ministry. The period of the assignment is 04 years starting from 01st August, 2016.
As specified in the TOR of this assignment, “The Grater Colombo Water and Wastewater Management Improvement Investment Program (GCWWMIIP) aim at delivering better water supply and sewage services in an effective and efficient manner in Grater Colombo Area. The Investment program comprises;

The program uses a Multi tranche Financing Facility (MFF) investment approach for project 1 and 2. The MFF will concentrate on improving water supply in north& east part of Colombo city under the project 1 and West & South part of the Colombo city under the project 2. The initial target of the project 1&2 is to reduce the overall NRW in Colombo city from the current 49% to less than 18% by end of 2020. ”

The Scope of CMABC:

CMABC intervention and expected benefits
WASH Aspect

Gender Aspect

The mobilization process is focused on active women participation and targeting women as agent of change in managing and improving water supply and sanitation practices in their communities through Water User Groups. It also implement Water Sanitation & Hygiene WASH awareness campaign in the communities.

Project Monitoring
The CMABC component is monitored by the Project Director of Project Management Unit (PMU) functioning under the NWSDB and the Team Leader of NRW Management & Construction Supervision Consultancy NRW (CSC) of PMU.

The Project Team is headed by Dr. S. M. Somaratne who has over 30 years experiences in implementing community based projects in both urban and rural sectors in Sri Lanka and in the Asia Pacific region. The project team consists of a Technical Expert, A Gender Development Expert, a WAH Expert and a team of well-trained Community Facilitators.

Common water outlet in Police Lane (Colombo-02) Community

HH Survey at Summitpura (Colombo-15) and Maligawatta (Colombo-10) & Communities

Shramadana campaign at Summitpura (Colombo-15) Community- Package I

Gender awareness and focus group meeting at Wekanda (Colombo-02) & 19 Dematagoda passage (Colombo-08) & Communities – Package I / III