Artistic Skill Training for Children of Low income Communities

The CITYNET National Chapter has funded to implement unique project called ‘Artistic Skill Training for Children of Low income Communities’ in the City of Colombo. SEVANATHA Urban Resource Centre in partnership with the CITYNET National Chapter implements this project since May 2015 to March 2016 with selected 40 children from Low Income settlements in Maradana & Panchikawatta wards of Colombo City.

The short term goal of this project is providing an opportunity for the children of selected Low income communities to engage in Art, Music and Drama training classes in order to enhance their talents in the above fields which would bring immediate benefits of using their after school time for beneficial purpose and identifying a carrier path in the future, depending on their interest.

There are few long term project benefits too attached to this project.

  • Identifying and enhancing hidden talents of the children of Marginalized Communities.
  • Use of Art and Music for carrier improvement of identified children and contributes to enhance their future.
  • Integration of Urban Poor communities with the formal City system by way of sharing the talents of children with other City stakeholders.
  • Creating future leaders from among the Low income Children

The expected outputs of the project;

  • Well trained 15 children (Boys/ &Girls) on Artistic skills
  • Well trained 10 children (Boys/ &Girls) on Paying of Musical instruments
  • Well trained 12 children (Boys/ &Girls) on Stage Drama

Introduction of the Project and identifying the children | Training Sessions for the children

Training Sessions for the children
It is expected to replicate this project in similar low income settlements in the City of Colombo to generate wider positive impacts and social challenges.