SEVANATHA’s Project Staff Engaged in an International Exchange Visit in Nepal

An International Exchange Visits by a group of representatives of the local project partners of U. K. Aid and Homeless International (HI), U.K. supported Community Empowerment Project in Colombo; was undertaken during 21st to 26th February 2014 to Nepal. The team included, the Municipal Commissioner, of Colombo Municipal Council, The Municipal Treasurer, The Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Professional services), Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health of the CMC and Four members of the staff of SEVANATHA including its Executive Director, Four Community Leaders and one leader of Women’s Coop Sri Lanka. SEVANATHA was responsible for coordinating this exchange visit with the Lumanti Support Group for Shelter which is a reputed local NGO in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Objectives of the Exchange Visit

  • To provide an opportunity for the community leaders, officials of the Colombo Municipal Council and other Project team members to learn about successful community based projects implemented in partnership with the Government and Local Authorities in Nepal.
  • Knowledge and skills improvement of the representatives of Project partners and the community leaders.
  • To learn more about the community, local authority and government partnership in project implementation and sustainability.
  • To motivate the project team members and community leaders by appreciating their contribution to the project through providing an opportunity to visit a foreign Country

Sharing experience of implementing Rental Housing Project through NGO, GO and Community partnership in Lalithpur, Nepal

Sharing experience of a Resettlement Housing Project for the displaced families in Kirtipur, Nepal

Discussion with senior officials of Lumanti and Municipal Officials of Butwal Municipal Council in Lumbini, Nepal

Site visit to New Housing Development site in Pokhara City which is known as SAMABESHI TOLE and Sharing experience with project beneficiaries