SEVANATHA’s Executive Director elected as the Secretary of Institute of Town Planners, Sri Lanka (ITPSL)

The President and Executive Committee of SEVANATHA wish to send their greetings to Mr.H.M.U.Chularathna, Executive Director of SEVANATHA for his selection to the position of Secretary of the Council of Institute of Town Planners, Sri Lanka (ITPSL) for the session 2015/2016. He was elected unanimously at the Annual General Meeting of the ITPSL held on 28th March,2015.

The ITPSL was formed based on the provisions of the Institute of Town Planners, Sri Lanka (In cooperation) Act No.23 of 1986 by the Parliament of Sri Lanka. The mission of the Institute is “to Develop and Promote Professionalism in the sphere of Town Planning and to keep the profession updated in keeping pace with international trends in an ever evolving Global Environment”. The new ITPSL Council consist of 17 members who are fully qualified planners working in the Government sector, Universities and research/consultancy organizations in Sri Lanka.

Mr.Chularathna who has gained considerable experiences in working in government institutions and in NGO sector and having contacts with development partners in the Asia Pacific region would no doubt contribute to the enhancement of the Town Planning Profession in Sri Lanka through his engagement in the ITPSL Council. SEVANATHA considers this as a unique opportunity for strengthening its linkages further with ITPSL and the planning profession in Sri Lanka as well as in the region.