SEVANATHA has obtained the services of an International Volunteer for training of its Accounting staff

SEVANATHA offers Community Based programs which include, providing Financial and Technical Support for the poor families, establishing savings and credit groups in Urban and Rural poor communities in order to improve their housing and livelihoods. SEVANATHA has engaged in providing training for community Leaders and relevant stakeholder preventatives on Participatory Development tools such as Community Action Planning and Community Contract etc. In this context it is essential to improve the capacity of SEVANATHA staff who are handling the financial matters of the organization.

As recommended by its project partner, Homeless International (HI) of United Kingdom, the Accounting for International Development (AFID) which is a UK-based social enterprise has agreed to post a volunteer for a three weeks period to train the Accounting staff of the SEVANATHA. A well experienced Charted Management Accountant attached to the AFID was assigned to undertaking the training of SEVANATHA staff on voluntarily basis. The training provided by the volunteer covered the following aspects of Financial Management.

  • Budget preparation and analysis
  • The review & implementation of financial controls
  • International and external (donor) reporting
  • Developing financial procedures
  • Cash-flow forecasting
  • Financial Planning and Audit Preparation

Their program is based on a loan-term financial management development strategy, supported by handovers’ from one qualified accountant to another

The AFID volunteer Ms.Alison Anderson Mcdade visited Sri Lanka and started the training activities in SEVANATHA on 21st July and continued up to 07th August 2014. Ms Alison has had a number of briefly meetings with the Management of SEVANATHA during her assignment. She has provided her comprehensive report of the training activities conducted by her including the recommendations for improving the performance of the Accounts Unit of SEVANATHA.

The President and Executive Committee of SEVANATHA wish to extend their sincere gratitude to Ms.Alison Mcdade and Ms.Apeksha Sumaria Shah of AFID for their cooperation and commitment to support SEVANATHA on the above training program.

Introductory Meeting for the AFID Volunteer

Presentation on the activities of the Account Unit of SEVANATHA