SEVANATHA has facilitated completion of 44 Community Contracts (CCs) by the CDCs of Urban Poor Communities in Colombo within a two year period

Under the currently implemented Community Empowerment Project, financially supported by the UK Aid through Homeless International (HI) has achieved a number of targeted outputs within its time frame. This project is implemented by SEVANATHA in collaboration with Colombo Municipal Council and Sri Lanka Women’s Development Cooperative Society (Women’s Coop). The Project period is from March, 2011 to March, 2015.

It is very encouraging to place on record that the Community Development Councils (CDCs) formed and renewed under this project in Urban Poor Communities in the City of Colombo was given adequate training to undertake Community Contract by the CDCs. The training and technical support for this activity was provided by SEVANATHA which has initiated pioneering work on Community Contracts in Sri Lanka. The empowered CDCs within a short period of time got ready to undertake Community Contact by opening up their bank account, identifying the necessary skilled persons within the community or its vicinity and sharing responsibilities by the CDC Leaders for initiating constriction works of their own communities.

SEVANATHA’s Technical officer has provided necessary drawings/ Plans, BOQs and other support such as getting the approval of CMC District Office for the construction works. SEVANATHA has then signed an agreement with each CDC to handover the relevant Community Contact to the CDCs. The project funds were mobilized based on CC contract agreement in installments against the construction progress achieved by the CDCs.

Some elements of the completed CCs are as followed.

  • Types of CCs; Toilets and bath rooms, Inner Access roads, Drains & Open Drainage, retaining Walls, Community Centers, Electricity & Water supply
  • Normal Time Duration (Per CC); 45 days-60 days
  • Project Cost (Per CC); LKR 200,000- LKR 300,000
  • Partner Contribution; SEVANATHA, CDCs (Labour), Municipal Councils, Women’s Coop and other institutions.

No of CCs completed by the CDCs

Type of CCs No of CCs completed by the CDCs
Community Toilets and bath rooms 23
Drains improvement 11
Improvement of Inner Access Roads 03
Construction of Retaining Walls 02
Community Halls 03
Laying of New Sewer Lines 01
Electricity connection for the settlement 01
Total 44

Contribution for the CCs

Contribution of Project Funds LKR    8,957,243.10 US $
Community Contribution LKR 1,144,200.00  
CMC’s Contribution LKR 669,200.00  
Other (Women’s Bank) LKR        80,000.00  
Total Contribution LKR  10,850,643.10  

The CC Method can be identified as unique community empowerment tool where by the Community Leaders gain confidence in handling project funds, managing construction activities and lots of other experiences such as maintaining proper records and operating bank accounts by themselves. Improved community unity and team work are other direct benefits to the communities in handling CCs.

Some examples of Completed CCs

No 90T Settlement, Temple Road, Modara in Colombo 15 (CMC District 4); Construction of a new community toilet unit and one bath room

No 312 Settlement, K. Siril C Perera Mavatha, Blumandal Road in Colombo 05 (CMC District 1); construction of a retaining wall on the canal bank and Repair the existing four community toilet units, two bath rooms

No 300/8 Settlement, Samagipura in Colombo 05 (CMC District 4) ; Construction of new two community toilet units and one bath room

Improvement of inner access road and storm water drainage system at No. 478/2, K.Cyril C. Perera Avenue in Colombo-13.( CMC District 1)