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Support to Improve Community Infrastructure of Communities Affected by Recent Floods in Kolonnawa Divisional Secretariat Division, Colombo District

SEVANATHA Urban Resource Centre has currently undertaken the project “Support to Improve Community Infrastructure of Communities Affected by .....
House Building to Community Building

Majority of residents in Colombo are living in slums &shanties or low-income earners housing that are known as underserved settlements in the city. r .....
Phase one of Colombo Community Empowerment Project was successfully completed and phase two is currently operating with greater community participation in the project process

Phase one of the Community Empowerment Project(Building the skills and capacity of Colombo's urban poor .....
Artistic Skill Training for Children of Low income Communities

The CITYNET National Chapter has funded to implement unique project called ‘Artistic Skill Training for Children of Low income Communities’ in the City of Colombo. SEVANATHA Urban Resource Centre in partnership with the CITYNET .....
Student Based Sustainable and Pro Active Environment Education Project-Stage II

In 2014, the CITYNET office in Yokohama, Japan in collaboration with SEVANATHA successfully completed a ‘Student Based Pro Active Environment Education Project’ under the financial support by the CITYNET. As a result of that, .....
Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) and Asian Coalition for Community Action (ACCA) assisted city wide improvement of Urban Poor Settlements project in selected cities in Sri Lanka.

The ACHR/ACCA program was started in the last quarter of the year 2008 in Sri Lanka. SEVANATHA Urban Resource Centre and Sri Lanka Women’s Development Service .....
Building the skills and Capacity of Colombo’s urban poor to lobby and work with government to improve their living conditions

This is a partnership project implemented by SEVANATHA with the engagement of Colombo Municipal Council and Sri Lanka Women’s Development Service Cooperative Society o (Women’s Coop). The geographic.........
Community Based Solid Waste Management Project in Matale and Ratnapura Cities (Integrated resource Recovery Centre Project-IRRC)

The first pilot project on IRRC in Sri Lanka was implemented in 2007 by SEVANATHA in Matale town with the financial and technical support from the UN-ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand..........
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