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Student Based Sustainable and Pro Active Environment Education Project-Stage II
In 2014, the CITYNET office in Yokohama, Japan in collaboration with SEVANATHA successfully completed a ‘Student Based Pro Active Environment Education Project’ under the financial support by the CITYNET. As a result of that, the CITYNET office in Yokohama has agreed to implement the 02nd stage of this project in the year 2015. The main objective of this project is to educate the young students to love and protect the environment through fun and curiosity. The ultimate target is to foster action and social behavior change at the grassroots level. For this purpose, it has identified 35 students who are at the age of 12-13 years (Who are in grade 07 and 08) and 02 Teachers from the same school i.e. ‘Mahawaththa St. Anthony’s Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya, Colombo 14’.

Under this project, the students were trained to identify the bio diversity in their school premises and the students should have to study about the flora and fauna species in scientific manner.

A Local resource person was identified to guide the children on their field observation along with the CITYNET Experts who joined the workshop on 01st September,2015.

Expected Outputs;
  • Identification of Bio Diversity within the school premises
  • Understanding of Evolution of identified Flora and Fauna species
  • Identifying dichotomous key characteristics in identified species
  • Development of herbal garden at the school premises
  • Continuous engagement of students in field observation and recording of bio diversity features and characters.
  • Preparation of a booklet by the students about identified flora and fauna in the school herbal garden
SEVANATHA is helping to coordinate this project with the school children and the Community as it offers a great learning opportunity for the staff of SEVANATHA as well.

Project Inauguration Session | Identifying living things within the school
Identifying living things within the school | Group activities
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