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Background of the Organization

SEVANATHA was established in the year of 1989 as a local NGO in Colombo Sri Lanka. It was founded by a group of grassroots human settlement activists, lead by Mr. K. A. Jayaratne, Urban Planner, to assist urban poor communicates to improve their shelter and livelihoods. Since 1989 SEVANATHA has been engaged in its operational activities in Colombo and a number of other major cities in Sri Lanka. Considering the sustainability of ongoing projects of SEVANATHA, it has created two Private limited Companies known as 01). Community Livelihood Action Facility Network in order to manage the community housing support program and 02). Micro Enrich Compost (Pvt.) Ltd. in order to manage the Urban Solid Waste Management projects handle by SEVANATHA.

Vision of the SEVANATHA

‘‘To be a dynamic change agent for transforming the lives of urban and rural poor to be self reliant and empowered members in the Sri Lankan society’’

Mission of the SEVANATHA

While improving its’ own skills and capacity, SEVANATHA is committed to revitalize and enhance the capacities and creativity of urban and rural poor in Sri Lanka.

  • Continuous improvement of the skills and capacities of the staff of SEVANATHA in order to achieve the vision of the organization.
  • Institutional Capacity Improvement of SEVANATHA Organization.
  • Community empowerment through information sharing, training and networking among community groups and organizations.
  • Capacity building of the urban stakeholders through training and awareness raising on participatory development models.
  • Improve partnership between and among urban local authorities, urban poor communities and other stakeholders.
  • Influence urban policy changes through demonstration projects and best practices.
  • Strengthen the resource bases of poor communities through improved opportunities

Guiding Principles
  • Rely Community based approaches
  • Move forward with proactive thinking
  • Believe in result oriented actions
  • Commitment in delivery of efficient and effective outputs
  • Rely on partnerships in sharing responsibilities and resources
  • Ensure transparency and accountability in all accomplishments

Key Activity Areas
  • Community empowerment and community institutional building
  • Promote participatory development approaches such as Community Livelihood Action Planning (CLAP), Settlement and Land Mapping (SLM), and Community Construction Contracts (CCC).
  • Stakeholder consultation to promote good governance principles and partnerships among local actors.
  • Community based urban environmental management with special focus on Urban Solid Waste Management.
  • Improvement of community infrastructure and sanitation facilities in low income settlements.
  • Participatory action research.
  • Information and experience sharing among urban stakeholders.
  • Networking among development partners locally, regionally and globally.
  • Introduce Community Savings and Credit Programme for shelter and livelihood improvement of the poor.
  • Introduce affordable housing solutions with active participation of the poor.
  • Community Based Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation activities.

Legal Body….
  • SEVANATHA Urban Resource Centre was first registered  as a Voluntary Social Services Organization under the Voluntary Social Services (Regulation & Supervision) Act, No. 31 of 1980 on 13th of November,1991. (Registered No; 05/04)

  • Subsequently it was registered as a Non Government Organization under the Monitoring of Receipts and Disbursements of funds by Non-Government Organization Act, No 1 of 1993 with effect from 20th of May, 1994. (Registered No; 0146)

  • It was then registered as a Voluntary Social Services/Non Government Organization at the National Secretariat for Non Government Organizations in the Ministry of Social Services, in Sri Lanka under Voluntary Social Services Organizations (Regulation & Supervision) Act, No. 31 of 1980 as amended by Act, No.08 of 1998 with effect from  08th of November,2001. (Registered No; L.35701)

Mr. K. A. Jayaratne - President
Sevanatha Urban Resource Centre
102/2, Koswatta Road, Nawala, Rajagiriya
Sri Lanka
Tel : +94 11 2 879 710
Fax : +94 11 2 788 893
Email :
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